Being in my twenties and single Asian lady I don't travel much much but it is the thing I crave most. :)
We all have have secret desire of getting lost and leaving everything behind,changing our name and reside somewhere we love *sigh*. At some point in my  life something  triggers me from inside to move in another direction. I want to see beauty colours, water splash, maze, long roads lavender fields, safari parks and it goes on. But one significant reality of life is that you simply cannot do everything on your own. I can use someone inspiration. People who wander are great in my opinion and people who have opportunity are luckiest on this planet. I have a long wishlist for my destinations, wish me good luck for that:)

I am a dreamer and I believe a dreamer gets one day what he wants

Seriously who can resist this :)

whats on your wish list for travelling ? comment plese :)